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Mohon Maaf yang sebesar-besarnya yah....yang sudah lama nunggu update dari Popo's Creation....baik update jadwal kursus or product baru dari Popo's Creation...bersama ini kamu sampaikan bahwa Popo's Creation untuk sementara OFF/ rehat dulu...sampai dengan waktu yang belum bisa ditentukan....

Terimakasih untuk perhatian dan loyalitas yang diberikan selama ini

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Kalau rehatnya udah kelar....jangan kuatir...akan kita update lagi yahh...


How To Order

Feel Free to contact me at :

Phone (SMS Only):


E-mail :


Order should be made by latest  1 month - 2 weeks before the delivery date, especially for those large order quantity.
For wedding package, order should be made by latest  2 months before event, so we can have enough time to discuss what you want for the best result.

For outside Surabaya, Sidoarjo area's order should be large order quantity and on weekend's delivery date, accept if you prefer to take the order by your self.

Order by email, please sent me with this following form for guide:

Order Form
Phone No. / HP
Cake / Cupcake
Size / pcs / set
Detail Design
Delivery Date / time (10.00 am until 19.00 pm)
Delivery Address
Delivery Address Detail
Receipt Name
Receipt Phone No.
Special Requirement (card, candle, etc)

Or Just click prder form button below :


All payment should be fully paid after order fixed and by latest D-7 until D-4 (before the delivery date). If until due date (H-4) all payment not paid yet, order will be canceled. Thank you for understanding.

For big quantity order (like wedding, etc), down payment should be 60% after order fixed and all payment fully paid by latest 2 weeks - 10 days before the delivery date/event.

All detail confirmation will be sent via email.


The delivery service will be by courier, but sometimes (if it meets with my schedule) I might deliver it by my self especially for those order on weekend.

But if you prefer to take the order by your self, it's no problem at all.

The delivery service by courier will charge around Rp. 30.000 - Rp. 65.000 depend on your location. Outside Surabaya and Sidoarjo area, will extra charge than reguler delivery charge.

Note :
For this time I only accept orders for the weekend dan monday delivery date. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you


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